How to Fight Traffic Fines

By Kathryn Simmons

The cost of traffic fines can be greater than the price of paying a legal professional to fight them. That may surprise you, but many very good attorneys will do the work for a set fee. In addition, driving infractions will raise your insurance rates. All you have to do is compare the lawyer’s fee, if the judge bangs the gavel in your favor, with the cost of having the book thrown at you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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Most People Don’t Fight It. This May Be A Mistake.
Disputing traffic fines is a hassle. You have to take time away from work or school to go to the hearings. Even if you think the officer was wrong, you have to swallow your ire and be respectful. Too many people think it’s not worth it. Frankly, the court system is counting on it. But consider this: in as many as half of all cases, the officer who wrote the ticket does not show up for the hearing. This can result in a very favorable outcome. Your lawyer will know what to do in this situation and could get the charges dropped.

Types Of Traffic Fines Your Lawyer May Be Able To Fight For You:

  • Speeding
  • Moving violations
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Obstructed vision
  • Illegal or improper turns
  • Failure to yield the right of way
  • Driver’s license infractions
  • Driving without insurance, registration, or license plates
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Traffic Fines Are Negotiable
Especially if it is your first time, the court has leeway and can be persuaded to exercise it. Most of the time, the case will not be dropped unless the cop doesn’t show up. But a decent legal argument can get the charges lowered, or get the penalty reduced. It is open to negotiation. You would agree to plead guilty to a charge with a lesser penalty – perhaps a standing violation rather than a moving one.

Sometimes the bargaining can be done with the police officer prior to the start of the hearing. Most often it involves the judge or magistrate. Your attorney can make quick work of this. Remember, courts are crowded and everyone “on the other side” is interested in disposing of cases and getting on to the next.

Traffic School
You could be ordered to take a driver safety course in lieu of greater penalties. An attorney can put this option on the table. A driver can avoid “points” on their record if they agree to take classes. Many are web-based and can be taken online.

Traffic Fines If You Live Out Of State
Especially if it is your first ticket, you may be entitled to have an attorney appear at hearings on your behalf. The lawyer will explain your absence. This can be preferable:

  • If you got stopped for speeding while passing through Michigan
  • If you are an out-of-state student and the school year has ended or is on break
  • If you live in-state, and it is your first violation

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Attorney Kathryn L. Simmons can represent you in traffic hearings in Lake Orion, Orion Township, Rochester Hills, Oxford, Clarkston, Auburn Hills, Waterford, Pontiac, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Macomb County and the Oakland County Circuit Court. No attorney or law firm can guarantee the outcome of your case. However, I can provide you with a free evaluation of the details of your case, and suggest a strategy to pursue the best possible outcome.